Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sound off first, ask questions later...

First off, I want to send everyone to a wonderful charity's website:, Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking outreach organization based out of the US. They do some incredible work and are one of the charities closest to my heart. Rather than get into a heated debate with some of you about the sex trade biz, I think we can all agree that the gross exploitation of the poorer women, men, and children of the world by wealthier countries / political bodies / military is abhorrent.

Check them out. They do some wonderful things for suffering individuals.

My topic today is arrogance.

I'm sorry, my friends, but I am feeling the need to rant about my unlucky habit of weird run-ins with arrogant men. It's never women (not that they don't exist, because they most certainly do). I am a magnet for intellectual chauvinists, the pedantic academics, the grossly anal retentive scholars obsessively stroking their degrees. You know the type.

Most of us run across these slithery snakes and their waxing philosophic sidekicks, those sophomoric proteges they just love to surround themselves with!  Their typical territories include college pubs, where they are almost certain to find a group of sluggish twenty-somethings, sitting in corners with well worn copies of Ulysses, discussing US politics or bad karma; city courthouses (need I explain?); church; and in most corporate settings, although they are harder to spot since everyone has the same uncomfortable demeanor.

I thought I escaped the chance of recurring run-ins with them since leaving the US. But no, to my chagrin, they are in Canada, too. Grrr... Why do I let them bother me?

Of all the bad habits floating around, I cannot tolerate arrogance. It gets under my skin like nothing else. (I wonder what psychoanalysis would find in that? Hah.) What's worse is that I cannot let it go. I always get into a battle of stubborn wit with these guys, and I end up feeling let down that I allowed myself to indulge in the pettiness of it all. I mean, it is better to just let it go, to try and rationalize their reason for behaving in an asshole-ish fashion..."They have low self-esteem, "They have a gall stone," "They suffered from acne as a teen." Still, before that little filtering process kicks in, my mouth starts moving and it's too late--I've sent a fury of venomous words spewing out.

My mouth almost always gets me in trouble. (Shocking, isn't it?!) I frequently sound off before thinking things through. Not something to brag about, but hey, you can't accuse me of not knowing my Achilles heel well.

I accept that I  have a long way to go in training myself to remain calm in the face of patronizing characters. So what do you think, friends? I am open to any suggestions outside of watching 20 hours of British television.

Tell me what gets under your skin...

jane_crow, still kicking against the pricks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you must really like "Good Will Hunting". Take that you facist colligate! BOOM!BAM!
Face it kids - we are all wrong at one time or another. It is just the wiser who admit it and move on. It is one thing to attain knowledge by leafing through some dusty old tome but another completely to gain it through first hand experience. There are times to stand you ground and others when you need to whip out the big guns on some arrogant a-hole who thinks the sun shines on him and the moon doesn't come out until he drops his drawers.
Don't get me wrong there are plenty of women who are just as arrogant as the guys. It is just the guys see it as being a power play. the peacock showing off their feathers. How to show how shallow you are for fun and profit.

12:01 AM  
Blogger aleah said...

Dave, I was feeling so lonely. Thanks for your ever-insightful response.

7:14 AM  

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