Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Making a drink

My father never touched you,
waterbird. Lilith sings in my ear -
how I love her, the unmoved, stone cold mother.
Never allowed in a cop's house, my mouth
hid you. My breath betrayed your sweet, succulent
sleep. You were always better than me.

Try enough to move these feet, or
bend over and answer the telephone. He
never understood you, you know. Come empty
the cup, the cupboard. Carry your burden.
Don't shame the rest of the house - the poisons
and pills stay where they were told to -

but you make me free for a bit.
You who cannot cry or be misunderstood, locked up,
unhinged. In amber, you look so good -
forever young,
forever in a state of transcendence.They gave me to you,
a trade, and I am blind in devotion.
I say, come here and kiss me
oblivion -
you, the untouchable,
lovable one.


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