Monday, July 26, 2004

Heated debates and hormone run-off

So next week is the National Poetry Slam in St Louis. I wish I knew about it earlier because I would have tried to go, but that serves me right for not paying attention to these things. My newfound poet-acquaintance, Corbet Dean, will be performing, representing Mesa. Since Arizona is my old home and I love Corbet's poetry, then I will have to cheer for them; Although, looks like an Evansville, Indiana team will be representin' too. Cool. J*me, my other poet-friend, isn't performing this year (so it seems). Guess he's taking a break from the fame and fortune of the Slam (wink).

As for me and why I don't perform, I am terrified of getting on stage! My only hope is for people (i.e. friends and family) to buy my books (which will appear in the near future, I hope.) That, and I am trying to coax slam-poets to perform my work for me -- hah -- but that seems to be not so kosher. Ah well. ;-)

I think I've gotten past my little tirade over the weekend. Mister Smartypants no longer annoys me, and I am taken the "high road" by just letting the snippy comments roll off my back. My mantra: Let it all go and breathe....Ah....

Still, I do love a good heated debate. Verbal warfare can be fun, if done properly and with the right person. Since I have been reading a TON of books on goddess culture and polytheism versus monotheism, I am dying to discuss God with my Christian friends. Especially after I get my hands on the book, God Against the Gods ( for a review, follow link. Has anyone read this?

Writing has taken an interesting path as of late -- ever since hitting thirty, my creative work has gotten, well, less polished, less complicated. For my thirty-something girlfriends, have you experienced the full-on-rush-of-hormones yet? I am baby crazy and less uncertain about my body persona since hitting thirty. And I am completely "on the prowl," at least, in a metaphorical sense. I am afraid it's going to get worse in the next few years. Anyone with muscles better watch out at this rate.

As I was saying, my creative work is moving in a direction that I seem to have lost control over. I am convinced it has something to do with the changes I am going through physically, thereby playing out in my everyday thoughts and priorities. The gradual shift in thinking from one of a romantic ideal to one of physical practicality has manifested into some new creative work, which I will soon share. And I have been drawn to the subject of power, authority, confidence...all contributing to my recent head-butting incident with arrogant men(see previous post).

Hmmmm... Something primal is giving my "higher self" a run for the money. Personally, I prefer my lower self, anyway. Less work and certainly a hell of a lot more fun....Has anyone heard Dar Williams' song, Wilder than Her? LOVE IT. LIVE IT.

jane_crow, hot and bothered


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