Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Carnival of Cute

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On my way home last night, I happened across a new mother with her TRIPLETS in a big carriage. One of the sleepy trio happened to wake up and start crying, whereupon the new mama quickly picked him up and cuddled him, for fear he'd wake the others.

I have to admit, although I am not yet ready for motherhood, I was turned into a melted pile of moosh - I mean, they all three had matching lime green caps. How cute is that?!

Anyway, it occurred to me that, in the midst of life's daily bull, there are some moments when all you can do is smile. I am sure that's the premise behind Louis' "What A Wonderful World." It is wonderful because it's what you create and what you take the time to witness.

We all need a little cute every now and then. So today, I am kicking off the first in a series of monthly "Carnival of Cute" posts. Prepare to cheese.



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