Saturday, December 18, 2004

Holidays - On the Rocks

Holidays are a mix of pleasure and pain for this ex-boozer. First off, trying to not fall into a bottle of bourbon (or scotch or whiskey or gin) is tough enough.

My close friends who knew me when I was a bit of a, well, lush, know that I am trying to keep a lid on my urge to drink. Everyone else, welcome to my skeleton closet.

How many parties have I been turning down invites to, you ask? Too many to name... It sucks, really. I hate knowing that I am missing out on the chance to connect with some cool souls, but the temptation to drink is too strong. I steer clear of most after hours festivities.

Moderation is the matra for a lot of us. We live in a society that teaches excess and so, naturally, we are all re-teaching ourselves that the sky is not the limit and tomorrow does, in fact, come.

AA has its hands full right now. Personally, I think AA has too many structural problems to be of much use beyond the 10-20%... I'm glad they help the minority, but I have a problem with an organization that advices you to cut ties with a good majority of the population (drinkers).

I happen to believe that individuals can make positive decisions and amendments to their previous coping mechanisms. Not all, I understand, and perhaps not those who have crossed over into the precarious forest of full blown alcoholism.

But I digress.

I look forward to January, when the urge to be the life of the party becomes easier to manage - And somebody please tell me why some people give away bottles of wine for xmas?! Talk about kicking a girl when she's down! Jeez.

Holidays are hell for a lot of people, for myriad reasons. Staying sober, sane, and thankful can be challenging. Then there's the guilt for feeling like Scrooge. It's a strange and cyclical ride, isn't it?

Anyone else feeling the stress of the season?


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