Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Life Swap Music Exchange

Thanks to Lauren for this incredible idea!

The Challenge: Come up with a musical composition that tells your story and says something about you, burn to cd, send to the person whose name was given to you by Lauren.

I've got to tell you, I have enjoyed this project immensely and had to do a follow up to my previous complaint over at the biz blog.

So here goes nothin' (drum role)...

Aleah's Mix of a Lifetime

• Good About Me - Joseph Arthur
This maudlin songwriter is the beacon of my twenties. I listened to this album almost every Friday night while playing poker with college pals.
"When they ask you what's your church, you say I dance..."

• You Do - Aimee Mann
Twenty-something and off the hook. Last call at the bar. Losers. Life in academia. Self-destructive choices and redemption.

• Blackbird - The Beatles
"You were only waiting for this moment to be free..." This album reminds me of childhood. It's also just a beautiful yet simple song.

• Wildflowers - Tom Petty
This song is the perfect road trip song. It's all about freedom, movement, summer. Tom at his best. "You belong somewhere you feel free." Amen.

• Where Will I Be - Emmylou Harris
This song reminds me of life in Jerome, Arizona and the long drive out there, through the plains and the canyons, through reservations and snow drifts. It's spending Christmas Eve at the Spirit Room... "With your inventions, your intentions, your laughter, your forever yearning..." This song encapsulates the feeling of the Southwest.

• Bellyfish - Veda Hille
Just a very weird little song by a weird and talented girl. I like to think that we need more weird, talented girls.

• No Poetry - Gary Jules
If there was ever a song about writer's block and how good poetry can speak volumes, this is it. It's my inspiration when I need something mellow.

• Cello Song - Nick Drake
Another testament to the power of driving West. Watching the stars fall over the desert while camping.

• Red - Daniel Lanois
This song summarizes my experience in Canada, the changes I've made the past few years. Red is the color of life. Red is visceral.

• Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off - Hawksley Workman
This is just a wonderfully happy song. It reminds me of my first summer here, and getting married.

• Wild Horse - Deb Talan
Something about the concept of a wild horse ... I grew up around horses.

• Limp - Fiona Apple
This entire album saved me during a terrible break-up. I listened to this cd on the drive in to work every day...angry, vengeful, depressive, and strangely cathartic. Between my Victorian farmhouse rental and this album, I managed to get through it all emotionally intact. Everyone has a break-up song, this is mine.

• Perfect Day to Chase Tornados - Jim White
I'm reminded of my trips to Charleston and New Orleans when I hear this. There's a 'haunted' feeling there and in this song.

• Meathook - Hannah Fury
"Don't be afraid of the dark..." Being along can make you whole. Healing as an art form.

• Suitcase - Over the Rhine
OtR is a terrific college band from Ohio - I have many of my fondest memories set to their tunes.

• In Spite of Me - Morphine
Incredible album and band. I like this song because it has something to say about mistakes and character. Knowing when to let go.

• All My Tears - Julie Miller
Emmylou did this song, but I like the rootsy feeling of Julie's cover. This song reminds me so much of my youth, growing up in the hills of Southern Indiana and the gospel culture that resides there still.

• Back to the Earth - Rusted Root
My sense of peace comes from being in the woods. I am reminded that we all return to the earth.

• Another Train - The Poozies
"There's another train / There always is / Maybe the next one is yours ..." Words to live by.

- Fin -


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