Friday, February 18, 2005

Don't Let Them Take Jason Off the Air...

Arrested Development Posted by Hello

For those of you unfamiliar with Fox's Arrested Development (and how sad is that?), there's been a lot of speculation around the impending demise of the series.

I am not a TV person - let me just put that disclaimer out there - but I am delightfully addicted to this show. Without it, I am left with the Simpsons as one of the only shows on worth watching.

Not only is the humor wickedly intelligent, Arrested Development's cast is superb. The show's both subtle and irreverent. For all you TV snobs out there, I dare you to not fall in love with this show.

When we first caught an episode, we immediately knew the program would be short lived - It's too smart. Every show that has some substance gets ripped off the air. There must be other pedantic, snooty 30-50 somethings out there who need to unwind with something other than Desperate Housewives or The Simple Life?

Join the cause. Demand smart programming. Keep Arrested Development on.

This is my public service announcement - Thank you and goodnight.


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