Monday, April 11, 2005

Can you dig it?

This weekend was amazing - I can fill a total shift in my attitude and physical self. It was great to be in the sunshine, even if I happened to be picking up trash.

Does anyone have experience with gardening in a northern climate? I am getting ready to till (I hope Dave will bring his tiller - hint) and am curious as to what I should start planting. The ground must have been somewhat fertile - the people before used a great deal of the backyard as a garden. I wish I could spare a year to see what comes up, but I will likely be in the house a few years and am anxious to start my own vegetable garden.

Posting has been at a minimum just because I am so enamored with doing stuff around the new place. I walk around from room to room like a zombie, staring at the clean, freshly painted walls. I am going to do some sage burning tonight to get the old out and make it smell like our place. I wish I could have you all over for a glass of wine or coffee.

Jon (blog friend) is flying in to town tonight. Not much time for visiting, unfortunately. It will be good to see him in the flesh. I expect he will be a lot different in person than I had imagined - they always are. Udge was different (in a delightful, good way). Kereena is a mystery woman still. :-)

I've been thinking that my social circle is pretty small here and it should be expanded. For an introvert, I don't do so bad, but I would like to have a small group of people with whom to share dinner and conversation. So far I have been borrowing friends of friends, that sort of thing. It is hard to find people who are in my groove in life (i.e. busy but childless, hitched, creative, non-partying). I don't even care so much if they are in a relationship, just as long as they aren't obsessed with finding a mate. There is NOTHING worse than being on a sex stakeout when you are just there as immoral support.

But I digress...

This city is too big. Where do I take Dave this time around? Kereena, any suggestions?


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