Tuesday, July 18, 2006

in the hallway of disbelief

you keep a picture of me with dyed red hair folded in half at the lips
sometimes you touch the crease
nightshift is lonely
on wednesday
drinking coke and listening to frank black
you feel the dusty
dreams of another day - fear you'll mold or
lose face
by reaching thru - windshield casualty
but no
you don't give
you are a keeper

you keep the picture of her in your wallet
it stays in perfect condition
from a state of disbelief - blow it away
fucking noise
and the highway sounds
of wanderers
on mercury hill
where you wait in your chariot

you take out the images - recite
lines about
the heat and hollywood
your shit questions
keep you moving
and talking
and talking and moving
the unquiet mind
of a man
with two choices
two stone walls
two sisters
you had
and cannot have


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