Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another bloody run-in with the testosterone club

ARGH! Why am I always subjected to these blogger men who have something to prove?! This is the second time some guy has gotten really defensive and has tried to lambaste me over something I said which was misconstrued. I think I have a knack for inadvertently pissing guys off. I'm serious. It's always relating to the business blog, too. I have come up against guys with chips on their shoulders - who are determined to "put me in my place."

This has happened a few other times that I haven't mentioned, too, just to spare you the rant. But I am seriously getting angry with these guys who attack me for no reason. And I mean, no reason. I am not even saying anything considered "controversial," political, or religious. It was simply about writing, for pete's sake!

Rick thinks I have a "victim" presence and am an easy target for jerks. Maybe so, but I thought I had my "don't F*&$ with me" aura pretty well defined. Oh well. I'm tired of fighting with idiots. If only I were the type of person who can just turn the other cheek. I think I make matters worse by developing claws rather fast. I would be a wicked mother bear. :-)

Now I feel bad. Don't you hate it when jerks ruin your day?



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