Thursday, October 14, 2004

Make my skin crawl

Scary movies Posted by Hello

Like many of you, Autumn is my favorite time of year. For one, it gives me a great reason to watch hours upon hours of scary movies. I must confess, to Rick's dismay, I am a horror movie junkie.

Now, mind you, I have heard all the arguments why horror movies should not be watched; how they glorify and promote violence; how they portray gender stereotypes in an especially offensive way; and how they impact the collective paranoia of us North Americans. Okay, I hear all that. But I am chagrined to confess, I still secretly like them.

However, I do not watch a lot of true crime or serial killer flicks. Frankly, I find anything meant to entertain that is based on horrific events abhorrent. I stay away from this type of horror altogether. It's insulting to people who have lived through acts of violence and creates a strange voyeuristic connection for people who have not.

What I do enjoy are all the ridiculous, but scary flicks about zombies, vampires, ghosts, people who just won't die, etc. They are too unreal to impact my psyche in any negative way, and sometimes they are so poorly made, they are comparable to comedy. One really stupid horror that comes to mind is Bats. What a shite film! And yet, so funny. :-)

Anyway, in the spirit of this season, I'd like to ask all my good and faithful readers - What are your top ten favorite scary movies?

I'd love some recommendations, and indy or obscure films are especially welcomed.

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