Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Poem Blogging

Animal Stills

See the goat
forced to endure the farmer’s

See the cow
born to breathe a box
of piss and vermin.

See the horse,
a rack of bones
under a capitalist’s bet.

See the cat
dreaming of highways
without collision.

See the hen
banging Morse Code for her
frenzied brethren.

See them slipping away –
a death called evolution,
when cruelty stood upright.

See the all the animals
lining the inside of a banker’s box.

Our diseases released
into the world, the sky.

Man’s scorn tested against
the sound of a mammal crying.

What drunk will kick a dog,
will put on a gown and call scientist.

What soul is so belittled
to cause the demise of the rest?

Animals dreaming of human extinction –
the cities that will soon burn,

a prophetic apocalypse.

© Aleah Sato 11/04


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