Friday, November 05, 2004

Friends and Friends Who Want to Sleep with Friends

This is to my married friends: Did you ever have one of those sneaking suspicions that someone wishes to know you in a biblical sense, yet you really like them as a friend and don't want to put barbed wire up just yet?

This isn't about me. It's about a friend. Yeah, I ask for a friend. Hah.

Seriously, Rick and I have gone rounds about whether or not a woman can be friends with a man. With the exception of some longtime friends, I am learning that this is the case. I can be pretty naive about guys sometimes. Not sure why. I have been around enough of them - and I will leave it at that.

Maybe I should call up some of those Moral Voters south of the border. They would have a great deal of good advice about chastity and women staying in the kitchen, away from the world of men.



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