Friday, November 26, 2004


I am re-immersing myself in the world of nonprofits. Yesterday I met with a rep at Toronto based Earthroots to discuss helping them with some grant writing over the next few months. I am thrilled.

After being in the community, off and on, for the past three years, I feel it is time to start doing something to positively affect my surroundings. For me, it had to be about the native habitat, and Earthroots, with their mandate to focus on local land issues, seemed a good fit.

The meeting went well and they appeared enthusiastic about my coming on board. Although they probably think I must be mad to LIKE to write grant proposals (for free), but I do. The tidy-ness of the writing and the research always keep me gleefully motivated. I am such a nerdy librarian.

So that's the big news this week and where my mind has been. Preoccupation with the BIG PICTURE is imminent. I feel peaceful about some of the decisions I have set into motion which appear to me as mini-epiphanies. You know that feeling, the AHA moment, and then the long SIGH....

Oh, you mean I don't have to mindlessly hate my job like so many others?! Oh, I don't have to be stuck?! Oh...

Not that I am or have ever been stuck for long. It's just shifting that pesky dominant paradigm that tells us what we are supposed to do, when we are supposed to do it.

On to other issues...

Congrats again to Kim on her newfound state of pregnancy. Woohoo!

Well wishes to gypsy gal, Kathleen, who just had the "pleasure" of spending Thanksgiving in a break-up with her now ex...I have a wonderful memory of us driving up 89A, 11 pm on a Saturday night, to Sedona. Warm summer night, windows down, the wind blowing...and us with our bag of Jack in the Box tacos and a plan to catch the eye of a certain lead singer in a roadhouse band...dancing to 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'...

Those big desert dreams!



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