Monday, December 27, 2004

The Monday After

Lounging around

I hope everyone recovered from their holiday weekend.

In my glamorous life, I can be seen lounging around in pink silk, of course. Actually, dye her hair an unearthly red, slap on some flannel pjs and a pair of crooked reading glasses, and you just might have a more accurate image.

Our weekend went well. Uncle Ben, Rick's 80-something Japanese uncle, and his father came over on Xmas day. Uncle Ben, known for his hilarious antics, entertained us with his new keychain digital camera. Did I mention he has glaucoma and cataracts? Yes. He spent nearly thirty minutes trying to discern my head from the tree. That was of course after Rick pointed out that he was taking a photo with the back of the camera.

Great... I thought I would fall off of the couch laughing.

You might feel bad if you didn't know him. He has a great sense of humour. He also likes to point out who among us is fat or has gotten fatter this year. Fortunately we're still in shape, else we'd expect merciless teasing.

Rick's dad got us lots of loot for around the house, which is great - since Rick and I eloped, we didn't get diddley for our wedding, so we've been living with university dinnerware and futons and mismatched towels. Martha would scoff at our abode. (Better than her current abode, though - hah.)

All my family are in the States, so no one from my side was there. We're all fairly antisocial, anyway. Probably for the best.

I spent the rest of the weekend ghost writing. No, not writing about ghosts (although that would be much more fun) - writing a newspaper piece for a company in Alberta. The exciting and rewarding life of a freelance writer...sigh...

Hmm... I ate way too much food over the weekend. I am reminded of our gluttony and extravagance. We are spoiled people. Still, that small guilt couldn't come between me and the Turtles. I can be convinced to do anything for Turtles - anything.

Mmmm...I love Turtles. (A job as a spokesperson is in the works, yes?)

Jon at Biz Evolutionist is attempting to start another cd swap ala Feministe. I hope it works out. People in the business blog arena are more timid about these things. We need more vigilantes.

I'm getting ready to meet my first blog friend, Udge. He'll be in TO in the new year. Should be very cool. Has anyone else hooked up? What was your experience like?

I've been composing a small list of 2005 resolutions. I'm keeping them to a minimum this year. I actually accomplished a lot of my list for 2004 - volunteering, exercising, immigrating...

Rick got me a Calvin and Hobbes book for Xmas. I noticed one of the strips right away - one in which Calvin was pondering the point of celebrating the New Year because every year seems about the same.

I got to thinking about that - how ruts occur that last for years on end. And how we should really endeavor to make the New Year truly new.

I believe 2005 will be better than last year, and 2004 was amazing.

2004 was full of blessings -
* a great relationship with a wonderful man
* a completion of the immigration file
* new friends
* health
* a roof over our head
* food on the table
* births
* creativity
* a wedding

What are your New Year's Resolutions?


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