Friday, January 07, 2005


Hello everyone.

I have been busy blogging over at the biz blog this week, which is why I have been posting small ramblings here. However, I am preparing a long and scathing expose on the beef industry for next week, so I will be back to my usual soap box then. Enjoy the sweetness now.

I had a wonderful lunch with udge yesterday. A wonderful experience and refreshing to know the possibilities of creative synergy with fellow bloggers. Not all online friendships turn out to be nightmarish. We'll likely meet up again.

I'm also currently mired in writing - both for businesses and nonprofits.

Not a lot of poems over the month - guess the holidays left me less than inspired. I'm trying to come up with some kind of project that will involve y'all, so if you have any fun ideas, email me or leave those sparkling thoughts here.

I need to post a poem today...yes, I will.


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