Monday, April 18, 2005

The Death of Radical Feminism

There's another great comment on the life and work of Andrea Dworkin at Butterflies and Wheels... It's worth the trip.

I completely agree with the author - There is a void that needs to be filled in the feminist or women's movement. Perhaps women feel that they have it pretty good now and have regressed into a state of complacency. After all, we women in North America can work (although for less $) and we can still land a man who provides us with the relationship comforts we rest our Bruno Magli's on.

I am not a woman who feels downtrodden. I am too stubborn for that. I recognize that true equality doesn't exist. I don't believe it ever will. I think we have a natural pecking order and men have managed to maintain their spot for the past few thousand years.

Most of the women I see in positions of power and authority are not doing anything better than the men, and are simply playing the same power games, even though the blows come with a few pecks on the cheek afterward.

But I do miss the radical anger of Dworkin. I miss it because, as O.B. comments, we are enthralled with Paris Hilton's crotch or Britney's baby days - and we would have to give that fixation up if we started examining the quality of our existence as thinking women.

Face it, we are all bored. We don't get our panties in a knot about much other than our cell phone rates or the weather.

I miss righteously pissed off women. Where are they?

While some gals watch Desperate Housewives...


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