Thursday, October 06, 2005


I walked home last night and started to notice all of the changing leaves. This time of year makes me a little melancholy. I suppose it has a similar effect on others. Seasonal Affective Disorder doesn't fully explain the feeling - as it is a more complicated process, probably deeply rooted in our ancestral psyche. The change in the seasons really grounds everyone - and brings to mind our own physical and emotional changes.

Our house is very empty right now. We had been borrowing a friend's furniture over the past few months while she was in Europe and needed a place to store large items. The time passed quickly, needless to say, and now we are without furniture in a lot of rooms. Most of the major needs are taken care of, and we can't bring ourselves to justify purchasing new furniture to suit our current location because we might downsize. Finding an affordable home larger than or even equal to the one we have now is tough. I suspect we won't have use for tons of large furniture in the next two-five years.

That's the strange state of our living arrangement. I feel like I am occupying a place that is not my own, like a hostel or something. Very weird.

I am anxious to start the new job, although a bittersweet feeling lingers at the business. The change goes along with the weather.

On the upside, Halloween is approaching, my favorite holiday! I hope to have lots of goblins show up this year, and I likely will since I am on a fairly busy street.


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