Friday, July 28, 2006

song with no ending

this is not for you
you can open your eyes to the clouds
the rain is not a sign
that song with the perfect lines - not a sign -
the mountains in our dreams
this is not for you
not what you are looking for

this is not for you
the tears or the happy
tale - not for you
the penned skin, the burn and the
this is not your song
my forgiving

this is not for you
the frantic typing or the turning
of the doorknob
not your calling vague and
empty message
not the voice of angels
your voice

this is not for you
my love spread open
i am not a part of your collection
i am not for you
an expression
i am not here
for your healing

and you cannot bless
or set me free
for forgiving
everything you're incapable of feeling
not for you
is not for me


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