Monday, September 13, 2004

Gluten intolerance

So my two week cleansing proved what I had suspected all along, I am fairly allergic to wheat/gluten. This presents some problems since almost everything out there has wheat and sugar in it. Anyone out there have some good recipes and meal ideas?

This, by the way, will be my only self-pitying post this week.

One can only each so many raw vegetables.....


Blogger Terry said...

Hi Jane, I would check with Tash first but what we've done (in terms of grocery shopping) is to not go down any grocery store aisles (sounds silly but...). If you stay to the periphery of any store you can find all you veggies, meats (in my case) and dairy. That is really all anyone needs (except for a few staples like spices, salt, oil and/or sugar). It works for us, very little in our house is a packaged/processed item. Just a thought...

8:38 AM  

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