Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More on Cat Killing documentary...

So protesters gathered as expected at the premiere of the (in my opinion) complete waste of time, "Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat," a documentary about the torture and killing of cat by students', Powers, Wennekers and Kaczorowski. While the documentary is supposed to have a moral message: it's not OK to kill in the name of art, I cannot help but agree with all the protesters in wanting this doc canned.

Personally, I feel the director, Zev Asher, was just riding in on controversy, and using poor judgment for personal gain. I don't think a documentary about this topic could mean much in the big picture. I mean, most sane folks believe it is wrong to torture and kill an animal for art. Is this a highly confused subject? I don't think so. I believe even meat eaters/hunters/butchers think that is sociopathic behaviour.

If Zev Asher wanted to make a provocative film, why not do one on why society can tolerate certain types of slaughter versus others, or why animal torturers aren't given harsher punishments, or why animals are considered "property" under the law. There are so many thought provoking topics, but none would have created the havoc, outrage, and ultimately, attention that the Asher and crew most certainly wanted.

Still, people are free to make whatever lameass movie they want. It's up to us to make that connect between voyeuristic trash and intelligent commentary.

WSPA has a good assessment of the tone and overview of the "film"... read more...


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