Monday, September 13, 2004

new poem

Like Air

i'll kiss you but you won't feel it
it's not media
it's skin
the smooth latex over polished
alabaster bones
soft as a bruised fruit

i'll kiss you but you won't know it
i'm tiny hallucinogenic
small scalpel cutting your throat
with my eye lashes
biting you with a sweet honey nectar
fit only for summertime

when you open your window
i will steal inside
i will lay on your pillow
where volumes of english literature
stay uncracked
i could be the flower you press
between pages
a specimen
miniscule microbe

when you go home with the others
it won't bother me
not anymore
you could never find me anyway
now i am so light
i float off this paper
down the highway
like cigarette

© Aleah Sato


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