Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dos Amigos

I am heading out to have dinner with a friend at our beloved Mexican restaurant. I decided that if I must contend with another month of winter, I would at least have summertime eats - the illusion of warmth.

The house (see below) will take loads of work (cleaning and painting). Welcome to urban renting. It's strange to me - having always lived in small towns or university burgs - I am used to leaving a rental spotless. You don't get your deposit otherwise. But in Toronto, you're lucky if the previous tenant bothered to vacuum in the three months previous to their departure.

Don't get me wrong, I realize I am a fussy neat-freak, but come on. What gives with people in cities and their total disregard for cleanliness. Maybe the air pollution has chipped away at the part of their brains that controls basic motor skills - I often come up against people aimlessly standing the in the middle of sidewalks, aisles, etc - like they have forgotten how to walk. In my American way, I just help them out of their comatose state with a little shove.

Back to cleanliness though - I have a big job on my hands. I'm glad I love the character of older homes, that's all I have to say. Otherwise, I might be kind of pissy about that fact that someone thought it was a good idea to paint several baseboards a color usually reserved for the contents of diapers. Yep, that nice.

All in all, I am SO THRILLED to find a whole house so close to the office. Lots of room for visitors and a cool old fireplace for cozy evenings in.

Anyway, that was this week's rambling. I haven't been posting too many of those because I really don't want to believe that my life is that interesting to you. Really, you should be outside or taking an art class or writing a novel or falling in love.

Stop reading this and get back to it. I suck.

:-) Have a good night everyone!


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