Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Maintaining Relationship Balance

Terry discusses relationships formed while blogging...Good stuff.

Has anyone else come up against the struggles of time and relationship maintenance - or confused boundaries?

While I think blogs have made it possible for us to connect with people globally - I also think they add an extra layer of obligation to online friends.

The definition of relationship is blurred by personal and product related subjectivity. I find myself feeling bad if I haven't commented on colleagues blogs for a few days. Why?

I don't know the majority of you. I share general interests, yes - a humanity that connects us on an emotional plain. I care about you in the sense that I would a neighbor, or a fellow human. I want the best for you. But in the scheme of things, do I have enough in me to extend myself to people I do not really know? Especially when I do not have time to call my closets friends?

It's tough. I see blogging as a way of sharing ideas - but am careful not to call my blogger "buddies" real friends. I would expect them to say the same of me. Maybe when you share in my life in a complete sense, yes. I am open to the possibilities...



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