Friday, April 29, 2005

Favorite Fuzzy Slippers or???

Tom over at True Talk asks an interesting question - What item or items matter to you? Not people or ideas - we are talkin' things.

Do things matter? If so, don't be shy - which ones do you cherish and why?

The "things" that matter to me are: my grandmother's quilts, my photo albums, a wooden antique angel statue, art work by friends, and my books.

The reasons behind most of the items are obvious: they are handmade by people I love, or they represent family and friends, good memories together.

The angel statue is just very rare and unique - something I stumbled across in the back room of an old store that is no longer.

The books? I am just a bookworm and reading brings me great joy.

So confess - what comfort items or gadgets could you not give up?


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