Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Poems, we got your poems

I need to post some new work soon - I have been a mad writer as of late. The hot weather seems to energize me, strangely, and makes me itchy for new projects. Not that I don't have my share.

The song writing thing is VERY challenging. It's really tough to divorce myself from the type of writing I am used to and compose a traditionally popular song - as in POP song. Part of the problem is that I know there are too many kick ass songwriters out there who manage to make a living and remain above the baseline of inane fluff. On the other hand, the amount of money to be made writing the inane fluff greatly exceeds the opps for intelligent lyrics/music.

We shall see what I can do.

Now I will leave you to go and listen to the inspirational sounds of Phil Collins and Lionel Ritchie. Blat!


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