Thursday, August 18, 2005

New work

I have been writing a lot, and it's showing here. I'll have some photos and the usual commentary next week, after we return from our trip around Ontario.


wild one

there's a flame lit on my tongue
the men must have

ten years have passed and i have let it all go
the bras with lace
the perfect tits
bombs with honey everywhere
overstuffed with hard vowels

when you touch my skin
it burns for days
and cancer waits like a dull-witted
in my womb
where nothing but passion
once shouted

there's a fight in my belly
two sisters pulling knives
i try to keep their movement
but the jabs and wounds
leak over the restaurant linoleum
my tampon
explodes -- birds pick at scabs

there's a flame on my tongue
i try to swallow

ten years plus ten and
the men are still out there
sitting on my lawn
waking up the neighbors
with their guffaws and dirty jokes
they wait for me
they have the time
they know where i have been


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