Friday, September 02, 2005

The bitch is raging

Angry Black Bitch always brings a little warmth to my heart because she puts it out there, exactly the way it should be told.

I have been raging inadequately over the hurricane disaster...for a better rant, check it out.

Oh say can you see…?

ABB’s Migraine Enhanced Bitchitude on the Fucked Up Mess in the Gulf…

For the love of all that is holy, how the hell does this government fix it’s face to pontificate about rebuilding the Middle East when they can’t even handle a domestic crisis here at home?

Hurricanes happen. Ask anyone living off a fucking ocean in America and they will fucking tell you that. In the post September 11 world (yeah, we liberals can say it too) this nation is supposed to have addressed how to handle a national crisis. Did you motherfuckers fail to account for floods and hurricanes? A bitch is concerned that your asses may not even have a plan…judging from the looks of surprise and confusion, this bitch is questioning whether you even have a brain.


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