Monday, July 31, 2006

new poem ...developing?

Despite my obvious fixation on Jack White, I am not a groupie. And here's why ...


now that i have opened this up
let's put it to bed
the boy in high school with the black eye and catacombs
the boy in the gym who didn't call
the dancer
the musician
the poet
and most of all
the other poet

if you don't explore the glory of
your immature pain
you will repeat it

the banker
the father
the accountant
grown up versions of the scum sucking
who hides in the letters
under the bed
with red ink

this is a love song to jack white
for what he represents

this is a hate letter to jack white
because he married
the model
instead of the nerd

that bucktoothed jack rabbit


that whore who paid twice to get backstage
the useless blowjob

no show

this is what every one of you would write
(the secret sighs)

and now that i have crushed
the piety
i should feel light
w/ vindication
for the blondes

this is the song, embarrassing
the way we like to watch high
folks fall
into thorns and mockery

and we are all defeated

the gutter girls,
they'll leave me to die on this stage of quiet
even though
in their deepest
they still

this is a letter to jack white
this is the girl who goes home alone


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one disappointed that Jack married the model.

10:38 AM  

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