Thursday, September 16, 2004

Shameless self-promotion

The 2005 edition of the Women's Daybook is out!!

My friend, Elizabeth Siegfried's image 'Forest Dancers' and the poem I wrote to go with it have been chosen and included in the book. 'Forest Dancers' was also chosen for the cover (yea)!

The Women's Daybook is a great little calendar - with lots of space per day for notes and appointments. And, it's published by a wonderful women's press, Sumach Press.

For ordering info, go here...

'Forest Dancers' (both the photo and the poem) originated from our collaboration, Extinct, which is a collection of poems and photos that explore the loss of the natural world. Extinct is slated to be published (we are hoping) sometime late this year / early 2005. I'll let you know when it is hot off the presses.



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