Friday, October 29, 2004

Betty Crocker on Acid

rebel rebel Posted by Hello

I stumbled across this rather dated photo of me at a wee 19 years, diligently working on my zine 'Betty Crocker on Acid.' I loved that zine. I think I still have some copies kicking around. It was my first taste of truly independent media - the vehicle which got me interested in small presses and publishers.

And that hair?! Sigh... my black hair days.

Anyway, some of the topics my friend, Liz (co-author and fellow punk) and I covered were abortion, BGH (bovine growth hormone), religion, and indy music. We were pretty radical for southern Indiana. No wonder we both left.

I haven't talked to Liz in many years, and I miss her. I think, last I heard, she is teaching in Chicago - so like her, changing and molding future adults.

I'd venture to say, knowing some of you a little better now, that at least two of you had a zine. Come on, fess up. What was it called? When did you do it and why?

You can tell me, the older and wiser girl in the photo...


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