Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cat and a chilly evening in

So I am heading home a wee bit early tonight to do my weight lifting routine and hang with the cat. Very relaxing. He has few complaints that a good stomach scratch won't solve.

I'm feeling so blah - hence, I haven't written much on a personal note the past week or so. I always get this way when the weather starts turning, as if my outlook on life wilts with the maple leaves.

I've tried to do some writing to get out of my funk, but I don't want to go down the path of maudlin poet, so I am choosing to cook and throw myself into mindless activities. I wish I didn't hate to knit or sew. I am not patient enough for that. I have considered getting involved in some butt-kicking activism, something to motivate my spirit - maybe something to do with smog or urban sprawl or wildlife. Hey, you think it's work to avoid, but I call it the natural antidepressant. Volunteering is good for your soul.

Anyway, I started a list of things I would like to do this winter...

My half written list of things to do to keep me sane this winter

* volunteer with charity of choice
* look for publishers (I have three books haunting me)
* plan next year's road trip across Canada
* update the business plan (like driving nails in my skull, but it must be done)
* get together with friends
* bake
* read (twist my arm)
* update - it's sadly in need of fresh content
* mend clothes with holes (yee hay, sexy!)
* write real letters to friends and family
* find a new place to live (if at all feasible)
* find a mentor - i really want an eccentric, wacky, funny mentor
* make holiday gifts (which is tough since i hate to sew)
* work on novel
* throw a dinner party
* get a massage
* do nice things out of the blue
* remember to play in the snow

Okay, it's a start.

What do you do for fun or to lift your spirits during the long winter months?


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