Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Missing Aboriginal Women - Canada's Shame

I have been reading a lot about the poor track record Canada has for solving the unnerving number of missing persons cases in the aboriginal communities. It is disheartening and really says something about how little attention crime against poor and disenfranchised communities is given.

According to Amnesty International - who recently castigated Canada for its alarm record - at least 500 native women have been murdered or have vanished in the past 30 years.

And on CNEWS today...

"As researchers prepare to write their findings after six months touring the country talking to victims' families, police, and aboriginal leaders, secretary general Alex Neve says they are dealing with a human rights issue that requires immediate attention from politicians, police and justice officials.

"It has become very clear right across the country the degree to which sexism and racism . . . are very much what is putting aboriginal women at risk," Neve told a news conference.

"It puts them at risk of being targeted for attack and violence in the first place and the racism and discrimination further kicks in a double hit because it very much flavours the degree to which the police and justice systems take the case seriously." (read more...)

In addition to the news release, I recently happened across this site, dedicated to those missing women. Very sad and sobering! It's time for Canada, a nation who toots its own horn on its positive aboriginal relations, to back it up and start giving these poor women the justice they deserve.


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