Friday, September 24, 2004

Celebrity RIP Blogging

I completely missed this, but apparently B movie filmmaker, Russ Meyer, died this week...

Legendary filmmaker Russ Meyer dead

Has anyone out there seen Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! ?

I have written a lot about this particular fantasy genre and always, although irreverent and somewhat ridiculous in its subject matter, shared a bit of delight in the idea of ass kicking women. What's tolerable about his movies is the single-mindedness of them, unlike some of newer movies which features tough, beautiful women (i.e. La Femme Nikita, Charlie's Angels, etc...).

Rather than trying to make a statement, Meyer's movies simply are, in essence, the voyeuristic fantasy without a contrived, pseudo feminist message. I like that.

There's nothing subversive about a film that portrays a tough, gorgeous woman. Of course men are comfortable with this! Of course society wants the hot disciplinarian. Women are wasting their time with the message that women can kick ass in spandex. Duh! This is about has earth-shattering as featuring a menage-a-trois with two gals and a guy as a revolutionary step forward for lesbian acceptance. As if the mainstream ever had a problem with two hot chicks getting it on.

Meyer was a silly, horny filmmaker with an honest message: He liked women with big boobs and enjoyed the idea of women as perpetrators of violence / revenge. He knew the market was there, so he made the films.

There's a purity about Meyer, no matter how shallow and sexist he happened to be. You always knew what you were going to get, and it certainly was never whitewashed with some political veneer. I wish other filmmakers could be as honest as that about the tripe they produce.

jane, kicking ass in faux leather


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