Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Autumn Equinox

Happy Mabon Posted by Hello

My favorite things to do for Autumn Equinox

1) Walk through a field during sunset
2) Bake
3) Make a harvest alter or wreath
4) Go through summer items and give away anything I didn't wear or use
5) Listen to music, light candles
6) attention to my breath
7) Let go
8) Forgive
9) Mend clothing (my husband has a million pairs of hole ravaged socks)
10) Make career decisions
11) Drink tea on the back porch
12) Organize
13) Light incense
14) Burn a list of things that have needlessly troubled me
15) Call a friend
16) Snuggle
17) Air out winter blankets and coats
18) Go to an orchard
19) Get a massage
20) Make a list of fun projects to work on over the upcoming long winter

Happy Mabon!


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