Monday, May 16, 2005

On Poetry

This is one of the most eloquent descriptions of poetry I have ever read.

Poetry it seems, transcends temporal political movements, creating a place in a too-tight world, to open up and breath in something new. Poetry is essential to the breathe of a culture, to the psuche/psyche of life. It allows a gap in thought, opening ideas that give new meaning to experiences, new depth to old pains. Poetry is a poesis -a making of something new, moving away from the repetitive patterns of unhealed wounds. It allows the exile to exhale and the prisoner to dream. It is a truth that shapes our experiences and twists them around.

If you have not read Maggie Macary's fascinating blog, Arrows: Myth & Culture, I highly recommend her interesting and important work.

Wow, I think I will go write some...


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