Monday, May 02, 2005

Past Repeating

The legacy of Agent Orange

Thirty years after hostilities ended between the US and Vietnam, relations remain strained by one of America's most notorious weapons during the war, the chemical Agent Orange.

The Vietnamese believe that the powerful weed killer - the use of which was intended to destroy crops and jungle providing cover for the Vietcong - is responsible for massively high instances of genetic defects in areas that were sprayed. more...

I wonder what chemicals are being used today that are causing and/or will cause physical and developmental harm...Scary. Monsanto and Dow Chemicals walked away from last year's law suit by Vietnamese who were disfigured and faced other disabilities associated with Agent Orange. Monsanto seems to wield a heavy axe.

For more about the realities of war and the effects of chemical warfare, check out Bill Shields. Important and heartbreaking work.

"but when my daughter died from my exposure to Agent Orange
I bought a typewriter & pounded pure fire
out of its keys till it broke
& I bought another one
I thought if I shared blood with a reader
my goddamn hells would be easier to walk thru barefoot
but they aren't"


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