Friday, May 06, 2005

Poem inspired

I love talking to people and sharing new ideas....this one came from the conversation mentioned in my previous post....Have a wonderful weekend!


the physicist called last night

gave me the formula for stars
as if the stars could make me sing

the surgeon waited in the wings

appeared half-drunk
boots tucked in his gown - angry
at the sound of his own voice

the physicist promised he'd conspire the secret of life

the surgeon performed a mastectomy on my behalf

neither impressed

last week I got a call from the marathon runner

he lamented that his running no longer gave

he continued because the money was good
and standing still could not appease him

the runner and the surgeon drink
the physicist, a paranoid man, does not

I walk into a bar expecting a punch line
but the men are just men
and I am still reaching


for anyone with an answer
to the riddle
of why cats do not have conscience
why dogs do not weep
why we bleed
and bleed
the veins of

and cannot find peace

A. Sato 5/05


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