Thursday, May 05, 2005

Time is always of essence

Dave Pollard and Rayne have been engaging me if some powerful dialogue via email. The synergy created from these discussions is simply awesome. I am always humbled by the thoughts and kindness that come from strangers - the important ideas that matter, shuffled aside and lost to whatever the hell Lindsay Lohan is doing.

Dave resists cynicism. Rayne embraces the power of human compassion. Both views validate and interact to form the Crusader archetype that I adore.

The conversations I have with fellow crusaders make me feel hopeful and restless. I crave more time, more freedom to write, read, daydream - but the projects are piled up on the desk as it is. It is exciting to be busy - but sometimes I wish I could take a boat to the nearest island with only some books and paper, and perhaps email since no one needs that much "navigating the brain alone" time.

I'm astounded by the proliferation of some people. I need to figure out how to re-adjust my schedule or my way of doing things so I can complete the book, finish collaborative works, and start fresh...But how?

How do you find balance with projects, relationships, dreams, laughter, work, caretaking?


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