Saturday, September 03, 2005


I was inspired by Christine's poem. Sometimes only poetry can convey the emotions running rampant.

New Orleans Underwater

"In the darkness it finds me…"
-- Walk Through the Fire, Mary Gauthier

her giant mouth opens and swallows my memory.
rats and birds scatter. the trees roll up in fear.
roofs rip off homes and head to Iowa.
everything is dead here - i walk through the streets
smelling gasoline and shit,
shots and tears float through the air,
slow motion.
we attempt to make sense of it but there is only
horrible consequence.
mother luna,
wanders the streets with us, shamed,
holding a maimed dog in her mossy arms.
she shows me the coat that has turned a putrid green.
she wants me to put my breath into the beast,
but i cannot – i cannot
help but run.

mama luna,
forgive me for what I’ve done
my father is on the roof calling
for his son
where the whirling blackness
claws through the sun
more than anything
we need
mercy to come in like a blinding light,
make us dumb to the
of water
and how
no one comes
except darkness.


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