Friday, September 17, 2004

Messing with my "chi"

Today is definitely a Friday. I am making a grocery list, thinking about my fall cleaning ritual, and what I will put on my Mabon alter. I almost always make seasonal alters. Nothing fancy - just some natural items that correspond with the changing of the season. I already feel the long, dark days coming on and am fearful of the gloomy, Canadian winter. I don't know why Canadians are such good natured folk? The weather sucks 3/4 of the year. Ah well.

I am pretty uninspired to go into a rant or topic. It could be that I spent so much time on the business blog today that I have released all the negativity I was currently feeling about a certain client who has made it a point to fuck with my chi (pardon my language). Sometimes I really wonder what drives people to be raging imbeciles?! However, I have had to deal with a surplus of stupid lately. An influx of half-wits. A gaggle of Gumps. You get the idea.

Anyway, I am feeling fairly meditative now and am going to start creating my new alter and maybe do a little cooking. The small things in life make such an incredible difference. I think Terry over at Farbled mentioned going to the grocery - not because he needs something, just because he likes to go. I can relate to that. It's the same with me and cleaning. A mindless, yet necessary task can do wonders for an end-of-week meltdown frame of mind.

Off to create some kind of magical bliss at home...Happy weekend!



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