Saturday, September 18, 2004

Resisting oversized homes, part 2

I came across these amazing little houses...

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

There houses are the cat's pajamas. I am so interested in the concept of living in a small house, thus reducing the amount of energy we consume and increasing our desire to go outside. I've always envisioned buying a smallish home with enough space to accommodate a home office, a couple of kids, a cat, and, oh yeah, a husband.

My ideal home would have a couple of bedrooms, a large bathroom, an open concept living area/kitchen and a nice full basement for my office/cat space. The yard should be ample, too, for a vegetable garden and some large trees. I envision spending most of the summer in the backyard with the bugs and veggies.

If I lived in a climate that provided year round warmth, I would definitely go for a small cottage. Now I just want a two bedroom with a big basement, and enough space to keep us from going postal in the winter. At least until I can convince my husband to move back to Arizona with me.

How big is your dwelling? What's your idea of a "dream home"?



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